Dr. Dejan Draschkow
Dr. Dejan Draschkow

Invited workshops

Jul, 2018 @ Max Plank Institute EA Advanced mixed-models with R


May, 2018 @ Max Plank Institute EA : Open and reproducible neuroscience using python (w. Peer Herholz, Jona Sassenhagen, Michael Notter) see more


Mar, 2018 @ 60th TEAP: Open and reproducible neuroscience using python  (w. Peer Herholz, Jona Sassenhagen, Michael Notter) see more


Jan, 2017 @ Goehte University Frankfurt: Advanced practical sessions using linear mixed-effects models with R (w. Reinhold Kliegl & Benjamin Gagl)


Nov, 2016 @ German Sport University Köln: Using mobile eye tracking to investigate naturalistic behaviour and to infer cognition and memory


Aug, 2016 @ Phillips University Marburg: A hands on introduction to linear mixed-effects models with R


Feb, 2016 @ Goethe University Frankfurt: Introduction to linear mixed-effects models



MSc/PhD level            

@ University of Oxford

  2019-present: Lead Lecturer & Module Leader, Statistical 

                                        Theory and Methods (~30 students)

@ Goethe University Frankfurt

WiSe 2017/18: Lead Lecturer, Cogito Ergo Sum Lecture (~30)

SoSe 2017, 2018: Lead Instructor, Eye Tracking Methods in    Cognitive Psychology (~15)

BSc/Undergraduate level  

                                        @ University of Oxford

                                      2021-present: Lead Lecturer, Core Practical (~90 students)

                                     Spring 2022: Lead Instructor, Full-day experimental hackathon        (~90 students)

    2019-present: Tutorials, Cognition, Attention, Perception,  Behavioral Neuroscience, Psychobiology, Psychology  for Medicine (small groups)

                                      @ Goethe University Frankfurt

      2017-2018: Lead Lecturer, Introduction to Cognitive Psych   (~120 students)

        2016-2018: Lead Instructor, Advanced experimental, statistical, and programming methods in cognitive psychology (~15 )

 Lead Instructor, Research Methods in EP (~30)

2017-2018: Lead Instructor, Experimental programming (Python)

2015-2016: Teaching Assistant, Advanced Cognitive Psych

                                                        Teaching Assistant, Eye Tracking in Cognitive Psych

                                                        Teaching Assistant, Research Methods in EP

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