Dr. Dejan Draschkow
Dr. Dejan Draschkow

I am currently a substitute Professor of Cognitive Psychology @ Goethe University Frankfurt.

My work focuses on the way memory represenations are modulated by naturalistic behavior in real and virtual enviroments, as well as the role of learned expectations in object recognition, object-scene integration and visual search.  

Find out more about our lab @ Scene Grammar Lab


upcoming workshop

Very happy the demand was high and the feedback good! So here we go again, but this time @MPIAE. Find out more here.

upcoming workshop

Don't miss our "open and reproducible neuroscience using python" workshop. It is a satellite event of the 60th TEAP and is organized by Peer Heerholz's Open Science Initiative University of Marburg, as well as Michael Notter, Jona Sassenhagen and me: openreproneuro2018marburg.github.io

new publication

Check out our newest VR study, which shows how expectations about the environment shape the way we interact with objects, strengthen memories and speed search: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-017-16739-x

available dataset

We recently uploaded a huge dataset of over 13000 participants on OSF.  It is about gaming habits and psychological wellbeing.

Very different from what Marian Sauter and I are usually doing, but still might be valuable to other researchers.

visiting hours

Current visiting hours you can find here.

teaching prize

We were awarded with the YAVIS teaching prize of the Psychological faculty - voted for by all active students. We wish to thank all students for the motivation and enthusiasm they demonstrated throughout the year, as well as for the valuable feedback we received!

methods-week @ Goethe Univeristy

Goethe University Frankfurt is organizing a dedicated week for refreshing and updating methods skills of Bachelor students. I am offering a 2-day experimental programming workshop. 

Dates, schedule and courses you can look up here

blog post @ the Psychonomic Society

Anja Jamrozik wrote an article about our work which you can find here.

It is nicely written and very comprehensible for different audiences! Thanks!

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