Dr. Dejan Draschkow
Dr. Dejan Draschkow

Invited talks

Oct, 2017 @ Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich: Detecting. Searching. Building. How visual long-term memories are influenced by natural tasks, scene context and object interaction.


Aug, 2017 @ ECEM, Wuppertal, Germany: The influence of contextual rules on object interactions and spatial representaions: a virtual reality investigation.


Nov, 2016 @ Humanities Lab, Lund University, Sweden: Creeping up to the real-world: how memory in natural tasks is influenced by scene context and object interaction.


Nov, 2016 @ German Sport University Köln: Using mobile eye tracking to investigate naturalistic behaviour and to infer cognition and memory.


Aug, 2016 @ Phillips University Marburg: Natural tasks interact with semantics and object handling to modulate long-term visual and working memory.

Conference contributions                   (selected)

May, 2018 @ Vision Science Society in St. Petes, USA: Investigating the temporal dynamics of object-scene integration using MVPA: The role of the N300/N400 complex in object perception. (Dejan Draschkow, Edvard Heikel, Melissa L.-H. Võ, Christian Fiebach & Jona Sassenhagen)


May, 2018 @ Vision Science Society in St. Petes, USA: Anchoring spatial predictions in real-world scenes: Hierarchical relationships of objects predict single trial search performance. (Melissa L.-H. Võ, Sage E.P. Boettcher & Dejan Draschkow)


May, 2017 @ Vision Science Society in St. Petes, USA: Building the unexpected: scene grammar shapes the way we interact with objects, strenghtens spatial representations, and speeds search. (Dejan Draschkow & Melissa Vo)


Aug, 2016 @ European Conference on Visual Perception in Barcelona, Spain: The role of action in the formation of visual representations of both actors and observers. (Dejan Draschkow & Melissa Vo)


May, 2016 @ Vision Science Society in St. Petes, USA: Of "What" and "Where" in a natural search task: Active object handling supports object location memory beyond the objects' identity. (Dejan Draschkow & Melissa Vo)


Sep, 2015 @ SAGA 2015: 2nd International Workshop on Vision and Eye Tracking in Natural Environments and Solutions & Algorithms for Gaze Analysis  in Bielefeld, Germany: Collecting memories: the impact of active object handling on recall and search times. (Dejan Draschkow & Melissa Vo)


Aug, 2015 @ European Conference on Eye Movement in Vienna, Austria: Do it yourself! Active object handling leads to faster search times. (Dejan Draschkow & Melissa Vo)


May, 2013 @ Vision Science Society in Naples, USA: Task dependent memory recall performance of naturalistic scenes: Incidental memorization during search outperforms intentional scene memorization. (Dejan Draschkow, Melissa Vo, Ray Farmer & Jeremy M. Wolfe)


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